Team Building Sydney Activities for Large Groups

Do you have a larger than normal team behind you? Do you want to gather them all up into one spectacular team building Sydney event, but you don’t know how to do it?


This is where the wonders of hiring a professional team building organiser will definitely come in handy.


Professional team building organisers are well equipped to handle hosting a team-building event for the entire company, regardless of the size.


They have all of the great resources to host and make a stunningly fun event for everyone. They also have some great activities under their wings and here are some of them:


Team Building Sydney Activities for Large Groups


Team Building Activities for Large Groups


No. 1: Corporate flash mobs. You might have seen a number of extravagant displays of dance and music where people unexpectedly form into elaborate sequences in a seemingly normal setting. This is an incredibly opportunity for your team to do such a fun and whimsical activity.


This kind of event has a lot of lessons to give to your employees such as teamwork, coordination, creativity, and effective communication skills. This is also a fantastic way to really promote your organisation, which is definitely a win-win situation.


No. 2: A Team in Rhythm. This is a wonderful an ingenious team building activity that will boost the cooperation and synchronicity of your team. This motivating musical experience is perfect for everyone, regardless if your employees have musical skills or not.


The activity will push employees to create an original song only utilising their bodies as musical instruments. Coordinators will manage and instruct everyone and they’ll be able to produce the end product in a wonderfully edited video, which you can use for your promotional efforts.


No. 3: The Big Picture. If you want to get your entire team into a more artistic route then this activity is the perfect one to choose. This is an artistic endeavour that aims to reinforce a specific message to your staff. If you have a particularly large group then the coordinators will divide them into smaller teams.


Each team will be provided a theme to be incorporated in their artworks and an odd shape that needs to be incorporated into their artworks. Every team has to create their masterpiece within 1.5 to 2 hours. Once every piece is done it will be placed together to form a “Bigger Picture” message to the group.


No. 4: Creative Film Fest. Now this is another artistic and fun team building activity especially if you are hosting a conference. In the morning before the conference, your staff will be tasked to create and film their videos and then the professional coordinators will be edited for viewing at the film fest evening.


Typically the story concept and all the details will be provided by the coordinators all your team has to do is act it out. This will definitely push them to become more creative and teamwork will be advocated.


These activities clearly shows that even large corporations can do team building events. If you want to learn more about these events, feel free to contact us.

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