Make Music with This Team Building Sydney Activity

Have you encountered problems with your team’s performance lately? Do they feel dissatisfied to work? Are there tension between employees that you would love to resolve in a kind and compassionate manner?


Then be open to the wonderful benefits of the “A Team in Rhythm” program, a unique team building Sydney activity for you and your staff.


What is this type of Team Building Sydney?

Make Music with This Team Building Sydney Activity


A Team in Rhythm is a specialised program that delivers a very inspiring musical experience for your group that is known to transform mentalities and could bring people together.


In partnership with“The Human Sound Project” this is a very empowering activity that will boost your team’s energy and enthusiasm to work together to achieve a task and that is to create an original song, which encapsulates the mission of the organisation or event.


You and your team don’t have to have any musical experience to be able to participate in this inventive activity. There will be fantastic facilitators that will guide each and every one of the members of the team building event. You don’t have to worry about conceptualisation and execution. Let the experts handle that.


Benefits of this Team Building Activity


Make Music with This Team Building Sydney Activity


No. 1: Your team will be engrossed in the entire activity. Have you ever experienced that moment when you talk about the mission and goals of the organisation to your team but it just doesn’t stick to them? Through this wonderful exercise,


the act of creating an original song that truly summarises the important themes, values, and ideas is the perfect way to integrate those messages to your employees. It will make them more interested to get to know the organisation and create a deeper connection to it.


No. 2: It enhances the productivity levels of employees. The mere act of creating an original song will definitely work up the creative juices of your employees and have them engaged enough to create wonderful connections among their peers.


By creating this original piece, it enhances their way of thinking and gets them fuelled up to even spread that level of enthusiasm in the office.


No. 3: It creates and develops different sets of skills. The activity has been known to build skills such as innovation, creativity, leadership, listening, teamwork, systematic work ethics, emotional intelligence, time management, problem solving and so much more.


The different components of this activity touch so many areas of a person’s personality that a normal workload doesn’t, which is a special treat.


No. 4: Improves the wellbeing of your employees. Studies have shown that there’s a deep connection between creating music and the wellness of a person. It has been known to reduce the level of stress, creates mindfulness, boosts creativity, and is an fun experience overall.


Those are just some of the amazing things “A Team in Rhythm” can bring to your team building experience. It is a wonderful and creative way to spend valuable and insightful time with your employees, so have at it and make some awesome music.

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