5 Effective Tips to an Engaging Team Building Sydney Event

Team building Sydney is a term when heard by employees could have a multitude of reaction from them, however, the most common one is dread.


It is a tough challenge to encourage even the most excited employee to join in on a team building event and then partnered with being “mandatory” will spur a series of complaints. However, it doesn’t have to be this way at all. There are ways to make the uninterested more engaged with these tips:


5 Effective Tips to an Engaging Team Building Sydney Event


How to Host an Engaging Team Building Sydney Event


Tip No. 1: Stress the value of what they will take away from the activity. Everyone values their time, which is why the common reaction from employees when they hear about team building events is that it’s a complete waste of this precious commodity.


Before the event itself, it might be best to really help your staff understand the objectives and values that the activity will be able to offer them. Explain the potential benefits a certain game will impart in them so that they will know that it has value.


Tip No. 2: Spice things up by changing the setting. According to research, team building activities are much more potent and effective when it is hosted outside of the office. The reason behind this is that employees have certain issues separating themselves away from their jobs when they are in the office,


which will only bring difficulty in the team building game. When you’re planning out your activity choose a new setting in order for them to be able to move away from their obligation and focus on their fun tasks.


Outdoor events are great options because your staff will be closer to nature and the fresh air will certainly do them some good. However, if the weather is a bit taxing then, renting out a space is a good alternative.


5 Effective Tips to an Engaging Team Building Sydney Event


Tip No. 3: Help them focus on the tasks at hand but help make the connection to their work as well. Although it is essential for the employees to get out of their regular work mindset, but don’t forget to the link the activity back to their job functions.


Oftentimes a company would create a team building activity assuming that the employees know and understand the objective of the activities. It is vital to make the games fun but purposeful.


Tip No. 4: Try to make games that would encourage change in the mindset of your staff. The most common advantage of team building is teaching valuable communication and productivity skills.


It also pushes the importance of analysis and creativity. It will also show the vitality of team work and throughout the process, employees will be able to learn about their hidden skills in leadership.


Those are just five tips that will help encourage a positive outlook on team building events from your team in no time.




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