3 Heartfelt CSR Team Building Sydney

In order to make the most memorable team building Sydney event for your employees, it should be created with loving intention.


Acts of kindness always leaves a powerful imprint in the hearts of people, which is why the popularity of CSR or Charity team building events has risen in the corporate scene.


There have been studies wherein charity-based team bonding has boosted the morale of the employees and it resulted in impactful experiences for everyone.


The light nature of the entire event makes your staff feel hopeful and enthusiastic, which they could utilise in their daily work life. Here are three awesome events you can incorporate for your next event:


3 Heartfelt CSR Team Building Sydney


Amazing Charity Team Building Sydney


No. 1: Backyard Blitzer. This is a home improvement type of CSR team building activity wherein your group will be able to help a family in need.


With the aid of a professional landscaper your employees will be involved in assisting them in giving their backyards a new look.In this team building activity, you will be able to transform someone else’s yard who is worthy of this good deed.


Parents who have sick children in the hospital who can no longer properly tend to their gardens or elderly folks who are beloved by the community, this event will inspire your team to work together for a loving goal and motivate them as well.


No. 2: Oz Harvest. Now if you want to still challenge your team while being charitable then this might be a great option for you. Push your team out of their comfort zones with a cooking challenge.


This kind of event partners with an awesome charitable organisation called Oz Harvest, which is a perishable food rescue organisation that collects quality excess food all throughout Australia.


This kind of charitable event helps feed disadvantaged people of Sydney that don’t know where their next meals will be provided. Your staff will be able to create quality meals with the help of a professional chef for a wonderful cause. Doesn’t that sound great?


No. 3: Renovators Rescue. If you want your team to really get that strong feeling of team spirit, then you should consider this kind of activity. Through this event, your staff will be tasked to help out renovating certain houses in the area such as in Sydney.


The people you’ll be able to help out are generally those who are at a disadvantage. This heart felt activity will get your team rolling up their sleeves to do home improvement works such as painting, cleaning, tidying and the like.


Helping out those in need in the community is such a powerful experience for everyone. These activities are able to teach employees the vitality of giving back and the importance of lending a hand. The families and individuals involved in these


activities all deserve these acts of kindness, so if you want a unique team bonding event then definitely consider hosting these three.


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